Friday, October 15, 2010

Musings of a raving knitmanic - Project 1

Week 1 project. Socks
Haven't spent numerous years worrying about knitting - truly - three weeks ago was the commencement of an urgency to think, do, be and act "Knitty". Desperately fed up with knitting jumpers etc., that didn't fit I wanted to fill my drawers with stuff that did. So I invested in some sock yarn, some beautiful Pony brand bamboo sock needles, and a single page Heirloom sock pattern (#208) and began. The yarn glided over the needles; the set of needles behaved and so a sock grew to the measurements based on the pattern. JonC (John on Computer) thought it was sweet to see me sitting on the couch wrestling with knitting in the round - he's very indulgent. At the end of 4 days there was a sock. Hanging from 2 needles and expecting to be "GRAFTED" together. Read the instructions once, twice, and again but, 'the instructions, they make no sense'; got a book out and read its description/instructions about how to graft the toe seam; threaded a needle and after several tries, unpicks and 2 hours had a passable toe graft. Number 2 sock knitted up in a day, the toe grafted in 1 hour. Week 1 complete, a project finished, although not from the stash.