Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football mania

Went to the footy on Friday night. Lost valuable knitting time but it was soooooo worth it. Catters smashed magpies by 96 points. Excellent first game for Mandibles to watch. We thought the seats were fantastic, the Royals prefer to sit in the heavens. Anyway it was a really late night for me so had a little snooze yesterday afternoon - for 2 hours. Yesterday also entertained Mother for the bulk of the day, and in the evening played solitaire. More lost knitting time. But minimal chance to start new projects too, so by day four September pledge still looking good. About to do heel flap and turn heel for sock for Johnno. Using King Cole Zigzag yarn. Really lovely to knit with and it's the brightest multicoloured yarn so it makes me feel happy. I still using the same sock pattern as I did from the first socks though and it's a no brainer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stash September

Pledge! No new projects in September. Must only work on stuff on the needles. Already I am struggling. Went to see LYS and left without new yarn, or books, or nick-nacks. But I have tweaked the pledge. Only using stash - no new yarn buying. Wonder if purchasing from someone elses stash counts?

List of possible projects to finish:
Socks for John
Shawl for Sue
Socks for me x 2
EZ shawl project
Green shawl
Knitting masters course
Entrelac vest
EZ moccasin sock
EZ Aran hat
Toy camel

Hmmmmmmm more than I thought. Must start now.