Saturday, December 5, 2015

Size matters

I've been working on my frogs. It's a pattern by Arne & Carlos and beautifully written. The problem is I need more than one set of 2.5mm needles in order to work on two legs or the body and arms and so I had to resort to using my Kollage Squares. Don't misunderstand me please, I love these needles. That are beautiful to hold, are really strong (although I've noticed that they are becoming bent like the rest), and they make the most exquisite shaped stitch. I have indeed spent a lot of time looking at these stitches and others and the neatness is amazing. The only criticism I have is that they are really really pointy. So pointy infact that I often poke the point through my fingerprints and draw blood. And then I fall out of love with them. You can see the points on the needles and the spot on my finger where it went in and it's really sore (BooHoo).
Anyway, I've had to use these needles with a set of Karbonz and KnitPro Novas to get this frog knitted. after finishing the two legs and then joining to make the body, the different sets of needles have made two distinctly different legs.  I ditched the skinning and made another rounded leg.

Lesson learned. Use the same equipment to get a similar result. The squares will go back to being sock only needles.

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