Sunday, January 11, 2015

A day at the gardens.

A group of beautiful friends periodically organise a flash knit in public. I don't mind knitting in public; I knit on the bus, waiting for the bus, walking to work, at work, in lines waiting for coffee, and so on, but not usually with others, so it was a really unique experience being part of the cool group, enjoying ourselves, doing what we love doing.

The Tea House at the Geelong Botanic Gardens today was buzzing. I will venture to say the weather was perfect. The gardens themselves were gloriously green and the air was fresh and we had access to plenty of pots of tea.

I started work on a Greenery Beret by Melissa Labarre, using Noro Silk Garden Lite.
Hopefully it will look less like a coral when it's finished and blocked.

I will work outside more. Well, in summer anyway. Thanks Joy, Kerrie, Sharon and Mandy.

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