Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gadgets plus

I know, I can's help it. I found the Knitmeter widget and I had to play with it. So obviously I've knit more than 34.5 metres this year but it's a start. I'm actually halfway up the second leg of another Arne & Carlos doll. This one is already called Rosie and it is yet to be determined whether she goes to Albany or not. The pattern is technically easy but fiddly with dpns going all ways. And after struggling to follow the instructions on the first foot and then second foot, I found errata on the Arne & Carlos group on Ravelry....where I should have looked first.

The KAL shawl by Stephen West is still neatly hiding in it's bag. The KAL for MaryMary (Andrea Black) stalled. My Gelati sweater (Craftsy)....stalled. Leaf Garden socks (Brewers Knitting Co) frogged and being reknit. A red Puerperium cardigan (Kelly Brooker) for the twins has been started.

In the meantime since finishing O Possum socks, I have completed a cherry red February Baby Sweater (EZ) for a one year old; Fern the doll and Fern's boyfriend jumper; a pair of lace socks for Chloe, and a green Puerperium Cardigan for one twin.

I have also been shopping at Jimmy Beans wools and purchased a set of LM sox stixs 6in in Ebony and a starter set of Addi Clicks, because it came with the three different types of tips and I could then try and decide which ones i like the best, and to top it all off I bought a dress form from Sew Much Easier.

LIfe is so short....

Septermber 11.....Our world changed. Please remember families and those gone.

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