Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Positive times

Off topic - life is going well at present. Both mum and m-I-l are behaving, although I'm not looking forward to packing up mum's house ready for the move. M-I-l is ready to come back to water aerobics so at least now I have to go. Mandi got her drivers license yesterday and started at new place of work today, and I didn't have to supervise the drive! JK and I worked with a wonderful group of students planting grassland plants at their school this afternoon. All the animals are curled up sleeping, and JK has gone to get ice-cream. I have been working on my crazy lace cardi and although feather and fan is relatively straight forward 11 sts there's over 200 sts a row and it's getting heavier, but I'm still impressed with the colour and the yarn weight to persevere. I finished my first attempt at designing a sock so know there's just the second sock to knit. I must try the knitting two at a time and see if that's more efficient. Oh good JK's home.........

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