Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skills. Next Part.

I'm shocked to realize that I am really only a basic knitter. I can follow a pattern, no problems. I can knit and purl, increase and decrease, knit lace and stocking stitch very well, but it's only basic. And I have just worked out my problem. I don't listen. My crazy lace cardi should be finished and I should be wearing but it's into reknit number 4. Because I don't listen. 1. Tension (gauge)swatches are vital. TICK. Pattern swatches are vital too. If you are experimenting with patterns don't wait until the garment is finished before assessing whether the pattern works or not. 2. Always finish the row before you put your knitting down.NO TICK Doubling back may not necessarily be noticed straight away and an inch of knitting on 200 stitches means a lot of ripping and reknitting. 3. Write down everything you change, whether it be amount of decreases or increases and row counts and number of stitches on a section. NO TICK Completing the item and then finding that you've increased one stitch more on the right side of a cardigan may not be so bad if it's in fingering (4ply) weight yarn, but in worsted (10ply) where it's only 4.5 stitches to the inch, it's a problem. 4. Love the yarn. Love the colour, the feel, the way it looks knitted up, TICK because if you do then reknitting number 4 will still be possible. Just as well.

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