Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainy May Day

My goodness it rained and rained and rained today. The driveway was 4 inches under water, the dogs were saturated, the chooks looked decidedly dishevelled and as usual the back verandah flooded so there is no dry land until you get into the house. But it was a wonderful day for knitting, reading knitting blogs, listening to knitting podcasts and catching up on my Craftsy lessons. I thought I had finally finished the Crazy Lace Bolero but I've screwed up the V neck and without the button band it overlaps by 2 inches and bags at the front. Guess my measurements may have been fudged. But I'm redoing it and it's coming together nicely, so I will block and measure and because it's top-down I can try on before it gets too out of control. I'm using Bendigo Woollen Mills 10ply Luxury in Lake which is like a washed out denim colour, and it's knitting up quickly so when it's finished I'll proudly post photos.
Speaking of measurements, I enroled in Craftsy's Curvy Knits course by Marly Bird. I love the no nonsense way she looks at life and very exciting, the third class is about making a real shaped duct tape wommanakin [sic] of yourself. Gonna buy lots of duct tape........
My word of the day is ingeminate. So at the risk of ingeminating myself (?) ....

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