Thursday, August 9, 2012

Test Failure?

There was once a time when quite honestly I could say I was as healthy as a horse. And apart from some problems at the end of my pregancies, the occasional flu but mainly colds, and a couple of back issues, it's been pretty much smooth sailing. Until the heart-attack. Then without warning this have to change. Quickly and almost dramatically. But after a year I've joined a gym, can go my version of flat chat for 45 minutes, which is actually better than before. But the doctor wanted me to do a stress echocardiogram test. So instead of cramming at the last moment I have spent the last 2 months exercising and stuff, jokingly I referred to it as training for the 'test'.

But I think I've failed, or at least not passed with flying colours nor a pat on the head for good cardiac function. Instead, there were mentions of "have you seen the images" to the other staff in the room, and my three amazing medical attendants went quiet when they looked at the scan. It was asked in passing when I was going back to the doctor, and then like "I'm sure ********* meant to see you before January. I'll give *** a call so *** can contact you." Brought up like I was, I actually apologised for my results as I left. And now I have an appointment on Monday next week instead of January 2013. Wow. So I'm feeling a bit scared, and overwhelmed, and disappointed.

Which unfortunately has flowed onto other things. I was making a EZ (solemn bow of the head) baby sweater on two needles (February baby sweater) for Knit1 Give1, because they asked for more baby jumpers and I felt so clever that I had a stunning red in my stash from a large chain store with the word 'craft' in it's name. So I figured I would have enough for the main piece and would dash out today to get another ball for the sleeves, acknowledging that the dye lots would of course be different. Well the large craft store had NO stunning red. In infact it had no black, dark blue, bottle green, or even a royal purple with which to knit the tiny sleeves with. It only had baby cack brown, olive bluck green, something that looked vaguely tan and one pink ball. Might have to take little cardigan to Mandy's and see what I can find there.
Gelati still in a vomit pile but it's back on the needles. Mary Mary is sooooooo beautiful but so delicate in Lace Merino after Gelati in Taiyo. Socks in project bags too numerous to actually admit to.......HEEHEE.
John's in Melbourne, Rob has a new mobile phone, Jo pregnant and Mandy I'm not sure about. Chris will be here for dinner tomorrow night so better make chocolate cake. Mum's paving done. I love my family. Life should be good, But I feel flat. I know, I'll be fine, but there's so much stuff waiting to be done, so I better start.

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