Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post sock breather

After knitting furiously for six days, Kendal's socks are done and making their way to Melbourne. I chose Waikiwi prints yarn. It has a really lovely feel and knitted up absolutely beautifully. They were in a variegated blue and close gauge meant they were quite thick. The pattern was a free Ravelry one, called Gravel Grid Socks by Jessica Baird. She's done a marvellous job writing the pattern, I didn't have to interpret it at all.
It has been really interesting knitting with 2mm needles, they are sooooooo skinny but because I treated myself to a set of Sox Stixs, knitting was amazingly comfy. However, I am waiting for a reply from the shop I bought them from about replacing one.

I knit the entire leg with 4 of the set (there are 5 in a set) and finally, smugly picked up the gusset stitches and started to knit when the 5th needle snapped. I wish I could have seen my face. John thought I was having another heart attack. Apparently, there was a swift intake of breath which was held, a muffled moan, obviously because the breath was being held and then a squall of tears. I truly think that the histrionics at this point were quite necessary, because at $6 a needle, these bits of stick are really expensive. So then afraid to use them anymore in case another baby snapped I used the cheap bamboo ones which, although only 2mm thick felt like they were 17 metres long. They were far from being perfect for the job but they were utilised for the rest of the foot. Yesterday I replaced them with Knit Pros and so socks got done.

Just finishing an EZ February baby cardigan in "Monza Red" (can you tell my ex was a car man), and desperately want to go into town to Mandy's and purchase Arne and Carlos's doll book and perhaps some yarn to make a doll. Maybe flippery is just what I need.....

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