Monday, August 6, 2012

Yarn vomit

My projects are getting more technical, but I think I am overestimating my skill set yet. I finished the blue cardi (Craftsy - Crazy lace bolero) but objectively there are things I can improve on. It's too baggy between my bust and underarm; I didn't think enough about how deep to make the V-neck and it's more like a round neck; I didn't put in buttonholes; the texture at the bottom of the cardigan is too dense for my liking; but it has some redeeming features like the yarn, the colour and its a cardigan. So after many months tinking, frogging, winding, blocking and fiddling it's done. Not perfect but enough I can put it on at home and not feel too unkindly.
Not satisfied I set about planning, measuring and thinking about Mark II. Hence the Gelati Cardi. Two weeks in the making and now several hours in that corner where I throw the failures. In between bouts of Gelati I have been working on a beautiful cardigan by Andrea Black, called Mary Mary. I feel like a newby knitter. First poor Mary Mary had not enough stitches on one side, then she dropped a stitch then I realized I couldn't keep my gauge right, and then I couldn't follow the chart for the front panels. My Mary Mary was very Contrary and nearly went in the corner but some very kind knitter set me right after an SOS went off in the discussion forum. By then all you could see of Mary dearest was a pile of frogged yarn, which looked like the cardigan had vomited. But I have concentrated hard and the mess has turned into beautiful knitting and all is right with the knitting world.
. So back to Gelati. I am sure that an entire cardigan vomit on my chair and floor is a bad idea. Not that Tom the cat would care he would just sleep in the billowing strands, but the galloping dogs will gather it up and move it all over the house so instead of vomit I'm frogging and winding as I go. And because it's multicolored I'm going to line up the balls as I wind them so I can reknit in the same order.
Maybe that's the skill I'm learning now. Patience and perseverence. Maybe I had to put myself under pressure to increase my skills this time. Or maybe I just didn't want to clean up vomit............

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